Selling Your Property

Want to get the most for your property?

It is important to spend a little time freshening up the look of your property, inside and out. The results may not only add to the sale price, but encourage more buyer interest.

What works:

Clean, bright and airy residences

Neutral colours

Well-landscaped gardens

Plenty of outdoor living space such as decks and covered patios

Soft music and a pleasant fragrance

What doesn’t:

Dark, dingy residences

Unpleasant smells, especially cigarette smoke and animal odours

Filth and clutter

Loud noise (e.g. television or radio)


Clean out cupboards to give an impression of space

Take away all unnecessary furniture to leave rooms uncluttered

Fix all obvious faults and tidy up yards

Steam clean and deodorise carpets professionally

Paint over marked walls to brighten up a room quickly

Replace brightly coloured curtains and wall colours with neutral tones

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