Why do Landlords change Property Managers?

Here are the most common reasons why landlords change Property Managers

Breakdown in communication

A breakdown in communication can occur when the level of communication doesn’t meet the landlord’s expectations

High turnover

It’s no secret that the property management industry has a higher turnover than other industries.

Lack of expertise

A lack of expertise is usually synonymous with a lack of experience, especially in the real estate industry.

Poor property maintenance

Good property maintenance is key to keeping your landlord’s investment property in tip-top condition and retaining great tenants.

Concerns around fees

Another common reason why landlords change property managers is lack of transparency around fees.

Outdated systems

If you’re using outdated server-based systems, it’s likely that you’re hampering your efficiency and ability to provide a superior customer experience.

At Custodian Realty we are a boutique agency with a dedicated team meaning that every time you call you will always get to speak to the same person. With many years’ experience in the Property Management industry, we focus on ensuring quality tenants for your property.

We use an industry leading cloud-based Property Management System

If you are not satisfied with the level of service and expertise of your current Property Manager call the team at Custodian Realty today on 0412 003 681.

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